The Life Of A Pro Athlete

Forget about basic productivity techniques:

Time-boxing, deadlines, rituals, pomodoros, to-do lists, eliminating distractions, waking up productive, etc.

In the next few minutes… I want to shift the way you view online business productivity.

Just slightly. But enough to turn on several light bulbs in your head.

I’ll show you how to move towards becoming ‘hyper-productive‘ - 10 to 100 times more productive than 99.9% of internet marketers.

The concept is actually simple. Just get faster and faster at what you do.

Finish a task in half the usual time… you’re twice as productive.

Tweak that a bit more. Reduce the required time. Your productivity multiplied again.

Finish stuff 10 times faster. You get 10 times more done.

Every hour. Every day.

Even if you’re a full-time employee. Or a full-time parent. Working part time on your online business. With just a few hours daily. Trying to quit your job. And escape the rat race…

You don’t need more time.

You just need the speed. And the skills. To get things done 10 times faster. With the same amount of time. And effort.

It’s better than getting 5 more hours daily. Yet doing stuff at the usual marketer’s slow pace. You’d burn through that extra time like nothing.

That right there should have turned on a light bulb.

Here’s something else to think about

Professional athletes earn 10 to 100 times more than the average employee. Look at the chart below.

Athlete-Chart(click the image to view full-size)

They get paid tons. To do the stuff they love. Stuff that… most people would pay money just to do.

Football, basketball, tennis, baseball, video gaming… Yes. Playing video games is a sport.

They get fringe benefits too.

Fame. Famous friends. Followers. A hundred other perks.

They shoot the ball in. And you can just hear the crowd go wild.

Applause. Crying. Shouting. Delicious hot dogs flying through the air.

Back to reality. All you hear is… your boss and colleagues berating you for daydreaming.

No hot dogs for you!

I’ve always wanted to be a pro athlete. Not for anything else. But for the love of the game.

It’s one of the reasons why I got into online marketing in the first place. Freedom and time to pursue your dreams.

Well… I was reading a book that talked about pro athletes recently.

Pretty interesting stuff!

Getting deeply involved in something you love. The perks. The freedom. The competitions. The rings.


What really blew my mind was… This:


In addition to everything else. They also work less than you. Far less.

That really got me thinking…

  • Pro athletes play a hundred or so games a year. 1 to 2 hours a game.
  • Regular employees? 8 hour days. 5 to 6 days a week. 7 if unlucky.

Pro athletes spend less time on the job. Yet get paid much more.


I’ll tell you in a minute. But…

… what if you could take the same techniques that pro athletes use. To work less, earn more. And apply that… to your online business.

What would you do with your free time?

Going out with the family. Playing with the kids. Fishing more. Or golfing. Catching some waves. Maybe travel the world. Eat exotic foods.

It’s actually not that tough to do. Or achieve. You just need to know how to approach it. And I’ll tell you how in a moment.

It’s not just about working less and earning more though.

It’s about advanced productivity. Getting more and more done in less and less time. And generating more income while you’re at it.

Think about it. Professional sports is actually all about productivity.

Take basketball for example. Your job is to score more points than your opponent given the same amount of time.

The more you score within the time frame, the more you earn.

Same thing for internet marketing. So…

Before I get into the good stuff…

I have something that I want to quickly run past you.

You really need to understand this. Really. Because if you don’t your productivity will reach a dead-end later on.

Long-term, you’re doomed.

Which is what happens to most online marketers and business owners.

This is what productivity looks like for the typical internet marketer:


Basic productivity techniques. Learning how to get things done. Eliminating distractions. Taking breaks. Overcoming procrastinating.

It’s all good. I mean…

I’m all for using basic productivity techniques. You start actually getting stuff done for a change.

But… several problems with this approach:

  1. Most IMers get stuck in the getting things done stage. They get stuff done. But that’s where it all ends. They never reach the next level. Getting stuff done… FASTER. And faster.
  2. Basic productivity techniques help you manage yourself. So you can get stuff done. What they don’t do is… help you improve yourself.
  3. Basic productivity has a limit. And most people stop there. They never reach the higher productivity levels. They just leave the rest to outsourcing. If they even have the money for that. It’s a waste.
  4. It’s a dead-end. That gets repeated day after day. The amount of free time you have remains the same.

Most online marketers following this approach have limited time. They work a day job. Do internet marketing after work. Among other things.

Hoping to quit their jobs soon. But lacking the time to get it rolling.

They spend on average 5 to 7 years… struggling. Because they can’t make enough to quit with their limited time.

The approach is mostly the problem.

I don’t approach productivity that way. I don’t stop at the basics.

What I do is pretty ninja…

I use something I call a Hyper-Productivity Loop. A loop that continually creates free time for me.

Let me show you how I do it:

Next Level Hyper-Productivity Approach

I set aside a portion of working time daily. Not always 90%. Mostly less.

I use this time to speed up key skills and systems. Upgrading them. Looking for shortcuts. Streamlining. Etc.

The result - I get stuff done faster each day. And save more time.

I re-invest time saved into speeding up even more. Saving me more time. Getting me more done. And continuing in an infinite loop.

Similar to how the most successful businesses re-invest their profits to get even more profit.

The long-term result – These days I can easily build and maintain new six-figure online businesses… on just an hour a day.

Without employees. And I can do it as many times as I want.

It’s gotten to the point where… Building profitable businesses has gotten somewhat boring for me really.

I’ve abandoned various six-figure businesses on a whim. Just because they didn’t excite me anymore.

But… that’s a story for another day…

What I realized is that… this system is actually very similar to how pro athletes operate. And why they get paid so much.

Pro athletes play at a level of productivity high above the norm. They don’t play in-game all the time. But when they do, they blow you away.

Here’s why. Their time is organized like this…

  • 90% time – training performance-related skills
  • 10% time – playing in-game using the skills trained

Compare this to the average marketer or employee.

7 to 10 hours a day. On the job. Next to no time spent improving skill speed or performance. The result?

Their productivity remains the same. Til retirement. And so does their amount of free time.

Thus… the reason the average employee gets paid so little.

And why most internet marketers struggle so much with time. And family. And life.

Especially those doing IM part-time. Working a full-time day job.

Here’s how you get out of the rut…

“Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.

You don’t get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour.”

~ Jim Rohn

The key to being hyper-productive. 10 to 100 times faster than almost any marketer out there…

… is to spend some time everyday upgrading or learning specific skills.

Not just any skills though.

Skills that will make you faster. Better. And save you a ton of time.

Re-invest the time you save… into getting even faster. And better.

Eventually, you reach a point where you perform 10 to 100 times faster than everyone else. On the planet.

This means… in the time it takes other marketers to finish just one project… you can…

… watch several YouTube videos, play around in Facebook, conquer Angry Birds, challenge your kids to Monopoly, go out and shoot some hoops, come back and…

… finally start working.

And you’ll STILL finish the same project. In less time. Than other marketers took. To do the exact same thing.

Even without outsourcing. Or employees.

I do it all the time.

It won’t happen overnight of course. Well, it didn’t for me at least.

But you’ll definitely see massive results rather quickly.

For internet marketers all you need are 3 core skills…

… skills that most online marketers have never even thought about.

Don’t even think of trying to find these skills in your conventional productivity course. They just don’t go there.

Well… anyways… if you’re interested let’s talk inside.

I don’t want those guys spying on our conversation.

And trying to sell this as a watered-down $39 WSO.

If you’re looking to get a leg-up on the competition, skyrocket your productivity and income potential, so you can quit your job sooner, and spend more time with the people and hobbies you love… You came to the right place.

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